September 18, 2017

Chris Engman's Photographic Illusions Dazzle

Michael Upchurch


December, 2010
Seattle photographer Chris Engman tricks the eye and the mind in 'Dust to Dust'
By Michael Upchurch


November 3, 2017

San Antonio Artists Buster Graybill and Chris Engman Create Imaginative Works Linked By a Sense of Adventure

by Dan R. Goddard


January, 2017 

Chris Engman: "Prospect and Refuge" at Luis De Jesus Los Angeles


January, 2017

Interview with Julia Rosenbaum


November, 2016                                          

April, 2014
Chris Engman
By Matthew Kangas


December, 2010
Chris Engman at Greg Kucera Gallery
By Suzanne Beal







November, 2013
Audio Insight: Chris Engman
Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, California


December, 2010

Jeremy Richards discusses Chris Engman's art with Gary Faigin

September, 2010
Chris Engman: Tracking Time, Space, and Cinder Blocks
By Brian Miller

December, 2010
Freedom, possibility and a desire for purity
By Marc Feustel

November, 2010
Say Hello to Chris Engman
Best Of Interview
By Joey Veltkamp


December, 2010
Mossless Magazine Interview
By Bobby Doherty

November, 2010
The Zen Master and the German Engineer
by Jen Graves


September 27, 2006
Elton John Has A Feeding Frenzy at Greg Kucera
By Jen Graves


Thursday, October 19, 2006
Seduced: The Lying, Cheating Heart of Photography
By Jen Graves

January, 2007
Circle Triangle Square
By John Motley

December, 2010
Chris Engman at Greg Kucera Gallery
By Gary Faigin

September 15, 2006
Artist Constructs, Then Photographs His Own Bleak Scenarios In The Desert
By Regina Hackett

October 26, 2006
There's Not A Single Weed In Soil's Group Show
By Regina Hackett

December, 2006
The Desert King
By Clare Baker