A passage is a place between places.  A dividing line between here and there, life and death, representation and reality, our senses and the world, us and them, right and left, him and her… It is the place in between that I want to contemplate.  It is here that I think I live, most of the time, both to my credit and curse.  

Wherever I am, I want to know what is over there. 

An image is a manifestation of this.  An image is always a passage, neither here nor there.  I want my images to try to be both here and there, or at least to speak to their failure to succeed at either.  

If we can’t trust our images, what can we trust?

When I made Passage, I wanted to create an image that both evoked another place and acknowledged that it is impossible for an image to capture any place.  The image itself is denied: the inside of the frame has been included in such a way that it is possible to imagine that the print isn’t there at all.   It is possible, in other words, to imagine that there is a hole in a wall leading to somewhere else. That such a place is imaginary is acknowledged. That such a place is no less compelling or necessary to consider is asserted.